Repaired 1986-1991 RX-7 Headlight Switch


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We are currently out of usable cores for this style of switch. You will need to send your switch in to be repaired (select “I’m sending my core now” from the dropdown below).

We offer repaired RX-7 headlight switches due to their common failure over time. The contacts in the switch and the relay inside corrode and/or wear out over time, resulting in a loss of control of the headlight functions. If your RX-7 headlights do not work and you’ve checked your bulbs, bulb connectors, harness, and relays, a remanufactured headlight switch is almost always the solution.

We refresh the switch contacts and then re-lubricate them to help protect from further corrosion. All failed and failure-prone components in the switch are replaced, and on 1986 & 1987 models the main relay inside is replaced with a brand new, upgraded sealed-style relay.

Due to a component failure in some switches’ dimmer circuit and the proper replacement part being no longer available, some switches may not have the dash dimmer function, though all dash, exterior, and headlights will still work properly otherwise.

Rebuilt headlight switches carry a three year warranty, being guaranteed to operate correctly and be free from any defects caused by repair.

Before installing the replacement unit, check all exterior bulb sockets for corrosion, then clean and apply dielectric grease to them. This is the primary cause of headlight switch failure, as extra resistance is introduced to the circuit, overloading components and traces in the headlight switch. Additionally, the headlight switch harness should be checked to ensure that no wire insulation has melted, introducing another failure point for the new switch. Failure to perform this maintenance will only cause a replacement switch to fail in the same way, and will void the warranty.

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