Removing the RX-7 Gauge Cluster and Wiper Switch

This article will detail how to remove the gauge cluster in a 1986-1991 Mazda RX-7 without damaging any of the brittle plastic pieces involved. Doing this will give you access to remove your headlight switch, windshield wiper switch, cruise control switch, and turn signal switch.

As pictured above, remove the five screws that secure the cluster. A short stubby screwdriver works best for the top three.

If you have a tilt steering wheel, tilt it down as far as possible to make some extra manuevering room. Otherwise, you may need to remove the plastic from around the steering column (four more phillips screws on the bottom of the column.)

Now pull the cluster forward enough to get your fingers behind it and unplug the three or four connectors (depending on whether you have cruise control or not) from their respective switches.

Carefully manuever the cluster out by moving it forward, tilting the top towards you, then wiggling it upward carefully. If you don’t have a tilt wheel, you may need to pull the top of the steering wheel toward you to make enough room to get the cluster out.

Now all you need to do to remove the wiper switch is, if you have it, remove the cruise control switch via two screws, then remove the two screws in the wiper switch (one at the top, one from the bottom of the cluster). Carefully pull off the knobs on the switch and it should then slide free. You may need to push in on where the large knob just was to get it to clear the housing.