Rebuilt Mazda RX 7 Wiper Switch – Convertible (1988-1989)


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We are currently out of usable cores for this style of switch. You will need to send your switch in to be repaired (select “I’m sending my core now” from the dropdown below).


We offer rebuilt RX 7 wiper switches due to their common failure over time, in which your wipers will only work on low speed and sometimes not even park themselves.

This switch will fit 1988 and 1989 convertible RX-7s that have the convertible top control on the wiper switch.

All switches are repaired with high-quality sealed relays, replacing the inferior factory items that corrode easily and wear out.

Prices are as listed below, with an $80 discount if we receive your old wiper switch as a rebuildable core. If you are waiting to get your rebuilt switch first, before sending your old switch to us, the refund will be applied after we receive your switch.

Some switches may have light cosmetic damage, as cores are sometimes sent back in less than perfect shape. Switches are sent without knobs.

Rebuilt switches carry a lifetime warranty, being guaranteed to operate correctly and be free from any defects caused by repair.

If we are out of stock of this item, you can still send your switch in for a rebuild by purchasing our wiper switch rebuild service: Click here for more information

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Weight 0.8125 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in
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