Repaired 1986-1991 RX-7 Headlight Switch

We offer repaired RX-7 headlight switches due to their common failure over time. The contacts in the switch corrode and/or wear out over time, resulting in a loss of control of the headlight functions. If your RX-7 headlights do not work and you've checked your bulbs, bulb connectors, harness, and relays, a remanufactured headlight switch is almost always the solution.

As there are no true replacement parts available (only complete switches, available for several hundred dollars), the best that can be done is a thorough cleaning, followed by grinding down the corroded contacts until proper metal-to-metal contact is restored. The moving parts of the switch are then re-lubricated which also helps protect from further corrosion.

1986 & 1987 switches also contain a faulty non-sealed relay which requires replacement.

Rebuilt headlight switches carry a three year warranty, being guaranteed to operate correctly and be free from any defects caused by repair.


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